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REL Distributing, Inc.

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Selena Arrazola

6802 West Frier Ste. 3, Glendale
Arizona, USA 85303
Phone: 623-930-0152
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Content provided on this site may not be applicable for every region. Please abide by your regional indication as follows: The Viveve System® is indicated for treatment of the vaginal introitus, after vaginal childbirth, to improve sexual function in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The Viveve System is indicated for treatment of vaginal laxity in: Bahrain, EU, Iceland, Iran, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Norway, Qatar, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine. The Viveve System is indicated for use in general surgery for electrocoagulation and hemostasis in: Korea, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.
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